Url shortening demo
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# Lyhendi
Demo/PoC app doing url shortening. Allows user to insert long url and (optionally) custom string.
Generated url strings are based on auto increment id keys and collisions are *unlikely*.
### Obviously not for production use
- No authentication
- No administration
- No captcha
- Not tested by competent QA engineer
- Index page displays the last url shortened, for demo purposes
- Does not redirect to target url. For demo, we don't need it
### Futureproof
- Relatively fresh platform (PHP8.1, MariaDB 10.3, Symfony 6.0)
- Lightweight and ready for further development
- Easy to add features (auth, admin, design etc...)
- Internet is full of unreasonably lengthy urls, which should be shortened
## Setup
After cloning, cd to project dir and run ```docker-compose up -d```
Assume that the port 8080 is not in use, application should be available at http://localhost:8080
One can switch `APP_ENV` value to `dev` and enjoy the almighty Symfony debug bar and profiler.
*Developed and tested only on linux machine, YMMV*