Url shortening demo
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Demo/PoC app doing url shortening. Allows user to insert long url and (optionally) custom string.

Generated url strings are based on auto increment id keys and collisions are unlikely.

Obviously not for production use

  • No authentication
  • No administration
  • No captcha
  • Not tested by competent QA engineer
  • Index page displays the last url shortened, for demo purposes
  • Does not redirect to target url. For demo, we don't need it


  • Relatively fresh platform (PHP8.1, MariaDB 10.3, Symfony 6.0)
  • Lightweight and ready for further development
  • Easy to add features (auth, admin, design etc...)
  • Internet is full of unreasonably lengthy urls, which should be shortened


After cloning, cd to project dir and run docker-compose up -d

Assume that the port 8080 is not in use, application should be available at http://localhost:8080

One can switch APP_ENV value to dev and enjoy the almighty Symfony debug bar and profiler.

Developed and tested only on linux machine, YMMV